A course in the Art of Fire Eating

Offering private lessons on a selective basis to get you familiar with the old art of Fire Eating.  Marlo Marquise teaches performers and the average civilian a detailed two-part course on eating, breathing and respecting the flame.  This course is offered in any location that will allow it under insured and fire safety guidelines (varies from state to state).

Treat yourself to an education on safety, venue guidelines, performers insurance, eating fire, fire tricks, and making your very own torches!  Marlo has worked with local fire marshals, and notorious fire performers throughout the country.  With years of experience in fire, she is very well qualified to share her knowledge.

Marlo Marquise's goal as a fire performer is to educate the masses so that the world of entertainment can trust our skills, and create more work that is safe for all of us!

Inquire via email on the contact page or Marlo's direct email marlomarquise@gmail.com for course fees and registration.

Glass Walking Workshop

An all inclusive workshop for beginners and performers.  Learn the cultural origins and ritual behind the modern trend of walking on glass.  Become an expert in safety behind the skill of being a pain proof, harm proof glass walker with a two part safety outline.  Gain knowledge on how to create your own safe materials.  A physical introduction to the glass itself!  Learn how to incorporate glass into performance.  Class rate varies depending on the city and location.  Contact via email marlomarquise@gmail.com to inquiry about workshops scheduled. 

New Orleans School of Burlesque 

New Orleans School of Burlesque